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Jon S.

Michigan Parent

I have two boys working with coach Baston, ages 9 and 12.  His work with my boys’ fundamentals has been extremely beneficial. Their ages require different approaches to teaching the game and different ways to motivate to continue to get better. Coach Baston has simple, but effective ways at developing talent for any age.  They have not only increased their ball handling, passing and shooting percentages dramatically, but they have a better understanding to put themselves in the right situations for a more effective offense.

Defense at the youth level is based on confidence in yourself and understanding what it takes to develop them everyday. I’ve seen coaches put bad habits in kids and get bad results. This translates into poor confidence.  Coach Baston has the knowledge to break down good principles on defense to allow the kids to develop on their own.

It’s nice to see the boys outside in the yard practicing what they picked up from a session with him.  In my opinion, what separates him best is as he continues to build their confidence and fundamental skills as individual players, he funnels that into concepts that help them better understand that this is a team game. Those team principles must be learned to be really successful at any level.  Coach Baston is truly a blessing to the youth and the benefits of his work are clearly visible in my boys’ game. 


University of Michigan

Maceo Baston is by far the truest coach and mentor that I have ever had. He excels any other coach in terms of communication, confidence boosting, education and breaking the game down into a science. He loves spreading knowledge to individuals around him. Maceo has an niche for analyzing a player as a whole and correcting the simplest of errors. I have learned to take his perspective on the science of shooting. This has made me a more efficient and effective shooter. On another note, Maceo  loves to spread information through articles and videos about issues in the world and in the game of basketball. He always finds a way to correlate basketball to politics, business, and life in general. He has a way of enlightening the youth around him. The time and effort he invest into his players is priceless. Personally, Maceo has become  a tremendous male figure in my life and a person who I have a great appreciation for.

Coach Brian

Southfield Elite

Maceo is awesome! His vast experience in playing professional basketball at the highest levels around the world has provided him with a profound understanding and unique perspective of the game that very few people have. He is extremely passionate about the game of basketball and also teaching the youth the correct way to play, which is so important in today’s basketball climate.  In only a matter of weeks, I’ve seen a vast improvement in my players who have worked with him.  Not only has Maceo helped improve the players’ physical skills (defending, rebounding, shooting, dribbling, etc.), he has also helped them better understand schemes on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  My son (9) and nephew (12), in particular, started working with Maceo and both have become significantly better under his guidance. The both of them have become much better shooters, defenders and even leaders on their current teams.  They’re now able to grasp the different concepts and relay those to other players on the team, making our entire team that much better.  If you’re looking for someone to have your young ballers engaged, energized and improving in basketball, there is no one better than Maceo!

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