Massage Therapy

On-Site Corporate Chair Massage


Chair massage therapy is an excellent addition to corporate wellness programs.   

Your team deserves to take a break! Help them take care of themselves and improve your workplace environment with the on-site corporate chair massage services of Triple Fit. Let us come to you!


Ideal For:


  • Monthly Office Maintenance


  • Health & Wellness Fairs

  • Special Events 

Ready where and when YOU are. Ergonomically designed portable chair massage focuses on high-tension areas, which typically include the neck, shoulders, back, arms, forearms and hands. Some of the major benefits of massage include reduced tension, better posture and mental clarity.


First Class Experience. Leveraging the power of soothing music and optional aromatherapy (known to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, and eliminate headaches), we invite you to relax in an ever-transforming chair, personalized for your treatment, through vertical, horizontal, or somewhere in between, specifically for therapy techniques to maximize comfort.


No hassle. No worries. During a chair massage, everyone remains fully clothed. Only glasses, obstructive jewelry and/or watches are requested to be removed. A light massage lotion may be used to relieve tension in the hands, wrists and forearms. 


Contact us for scheduling and pricing information. 

Corporate Chair Massage Testimonials

"I was never a big fan of chair massages since I love the whole body escape of a full body massage.  But one day at work my shoulders were so tight and I knew I wasn’t getting in for a massage anytime soon that I decided to give Jacquelyn and her chair a try.  Boy oh boy was she heaven sent!  She relaxed my shoulders and lower back so much in that half hour that I will never knock the chair and Jacquelyn’s 'magical' hands."

Versie Morgan, Gould & Ratner LLP

Chicago, IL

"I have had few massages in my life because I really can’t find one person who is consistent and that I care to go back to.  Jackie is absolutely wonderful.  I wish I could take her home with me!"

Jodi Lagen, Gould & Ratner LLP

Chicago, IL

"We can’t get enough of Jacquelyn!  She gives the best chair massage I have ever had.  I’m able to fill her schedule at our office within five minutes of sending out the email and we have her in at least two to three days a month.  I wish she was on staff at our firm."

Lark Gray, Gould & Ratner LLP

Chicago, IL

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