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Connect your Mind, Body, & Spirit



​A regular practice calms the chatter of the mind, while releasing blockages of  energy flow throughout the body. It also encourages flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle development. 


Corporate Wellness

Yoga is proven to reduce stress and create mindfulness within the workplace, which can subsequently boost company morale and cultivate a positive work environment. A weekly lunch break class is a win-win for employers and employees alike. 



​Prenatal Yoga provides a calm and nurturing environment to help expectant mothers create an inner peace and connection with their developing baby. This gentle practice can build strength and stamina, improve flexibility, manage weight, and improve breathing. A regular practice can reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with pregnancy and childbirth. 



Book a Yoga Session for your next

"Girls Night In"



Yoga can develop kids' body awareness, which creates confidence, positive self image, and life-long health habits. The mental focus practiced in yoga can help reverse the disconnection and overstimulation that our youth are experiencing today.


For young athletes, the cross-training benefits of yoga can improve strength and flexibility as well as foster self-discipline.

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Private instruction gives attention to specific needs. Whether it's learning the basics of yoga, injury recovery, general wellness, or advancing your current practice, a personalized practice can benefit you. 


Vanessa M., 35

I have been working with Jackie for seven months and the experience has been great!  She inspires me to put forth my best effort and as consequence, I've seen steady results.  I particularly appreciate how Jackie gears work-outs to meet my particular fitness goals. My endurance has improved, my strength has increased, and I am generally more toned as a result of her training.  I would recommend Triple Fit to anyone, no matter what their fitness goals or current level of fitness. 

Nicole J., 30

I recently had my first child this summer. Right up to the day I had her I was working out with Jackie. I consider myself very fortunate because I had a wonderful pregnancy and an easy recovery, both of which I attribute to working with Jackie. 

The personal care and attention given helped me get back into shape quicker than I could ever imagine. 

Chelsea H., 22

After unsuccessfully employing several trainers, I feel so blessed that I have finally found Jackie. Jackie is always on time, always prepared and always professional.  She takes my time seriously, and takes a special measure of concern to understand my lifestyle so she can better service me as a client. As a vegetarian, I always struggled with seeing results, especially in muscle definition. Working out with Jackie, I can now say that I am more fit than I have been in my entire life! #TeamTripleFit

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